By Kari Achatz

Flux is composed of large scale hand cut Tyvek scrolls, created by multimedia artist Kari Achatz. Inspired by the movement of life and water at the Buffalo Waterfront and Canalside, Flux changes as the viewer moves and activates the space. Each step and motion changes the spaces, shapes, and shadows seen throughout the installation. Flux reminds us that like water, life is fast and free flowing, contunually changing as you move forward.

River (Niagara) Stereoviews

By Monica Angle

This series River (Niagara) Stereoviews, is very loosely inspired by stereoscopic views of the river. These images are drawn from recent wanderings and visits to various viewing spots along the river. Layers of the water moving across the surface of the previous stratum. Even though a gesture may be repeated, it will not appear the same way twice. This quality of transformative repetition recalls our memory of place.