Shark Girl

Shark Girl was created by artist Casey Riordan in 2013. Shark Girl was one of the first public art initiatives for the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Come take a selfie on the elevated pad at the Replica Canals!

here to there & back again

By Roberley Bell

The floating sculptures are reminiscent of the meandering path of a child's bead chase toy presented here on a grand scale, to be viewed playfully from the shore of the canal.


By Augustina Droze

Creatures are composed in intricate arrangements in this watercolor series. Each design mimics highly decorative brocade wallpaper patterns. Upon close inspection, the artwork is made of a mix of vermin, including notably a tangle of rats. The work was created pre and post-partem as the artist experienced a need to shift materials to a non-toxic option. The stiffness of the design speaks to the rigidity of working with watercolors as an unforgiving medium.


By Mark Lavatelli & Polly Little

Imaginature is a made-up word conveying both the inspiration artists find in nature and their creative imagination. Just as Henri Matisse's seemingly simple line drawing of people were based on his consummate figure drawing and painting skills, a deep engagement with animal subjects in paintings, drawings, and woodcuts underlie Polly Little's colorful hybrid animals.