Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Queen City Ferry is closed for the 2020 Season

Fare: $1 each way (cash collected at boarding; exact change required; fare includes bike)

One-way trip takes 5-10 minutes between the Commercial Slip at Canalside and the Bike Ferry Landing on the Outer Harbor.

From the Bike Ferry Landing, passengers have walking access to Wilkeson Pointe, Times Beach Nature Preserve and the Outer Harbor Event Space. For bikers, destinations include the Greenway Nature Trail, Buffalo Harbor State Park, Charlie’s Boat Yard Restaurant, Outer Harbor Playground, Tifft Nature Preserve and the Outer Harbor bike trails.

The last trip to the Outer Harbor departs Canalside at 7:30pm and the last trip back to Canalside departs Outer Harbor at 7:45pm daily.

Visit Queen City Ferry for more information.

Regular Hours

Closed for the 2020 Season due to the COVID-19 pandemic