Main Canal

The Main Canal is an interpretation of the Erie Canal, Main & Hamburg Canal, and the Commercial Slip which formed the western terminus of the statewide canal system. Opened in 2014, the Main Canal is home to water activities in the Summer, Roller Skating in the Fall, and Ice Skating in the Winter.

Complete 2 rounds of:

2 laps around the replica canals

10 sit-ups

10 push-ups

8 burpees

Main Street Steps

The Main Street Steps bring you from Main Street, the gateway to the downtown core, to the historic Main Canal. Located at the Main Canal are the Immigrant Steps, situated at the original terminus of the Erie Canal. The Immigrant Steps transported immigrant families from canal boats into Buffalo. Opened in 1825, the Erie Canal and Immigrant Steps where the gateway to the City and immigration helped build the City along with many other cities including Detroit and Chicago.

Complete 2 rounds of:

1 push-up

8 triceps push-ups

2 sets of stairs

5 jumping jacks


The Longshed reflects Canalside's rich history by incorporating design elements from the Joe and Webster Storehouse location on that spot in the early 1800s. The Buffalo Maritime Center currently uses the space to construct a replica of the 1825 Seneca Chief boat.

18 plank jacks

1 minute plank

18 aquaman

1 minute plank

Lloyd Street Bridge

Lloyd Street Bridge is the continuation of the historical "Lloyd Street" connecting the Commercial Wharf and Boardwalk to the Replica Canals. Overlooking the Replica Canalside, Lloyd Street Bridge is one of three historical bridges including Lake Street and Commercial Street Bridges.

Complete 3 rounds of:

30 second plank

30 glute bridges

30 second plank

30 high knees

30 second plank

Canalside Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is key part of what has transformed Buffalo's Inner Harbor into a mixed-use urban entertainment destination. Open to the public in 2008, the Boardwalk now is host to a variety of attractions, activities, and programs for visitors and locals to enjoy.


Grab a map and Blue Bike from the Info Kiosk, then bike (or walk/run) to the Erie Basin Marina Observation Deck and back!

Beach At Canalside

Located at the southern end of the Boardwalk, the installation of the Beach at Canalside presented Canalside as a family-friendly destination. Kids can play in the sand while taking a respite from Canalside activities. Other family-friendly attractions have since come to Canalside including the Buffalo Heritage Carousel and the Explore and More Children's Museum.

Kid Friendly Workout:

10 skater jumps

Bear Crawl side to side in the sand

10 tuck jumps

Bear Crawl side to side in the sand

10 burpees

Bear Crawl side to side in the sand