Wilkeson Pointe

The Wilkeson Pointe Improvement Project includes further visitor safety measures, such as moving parking away from the water and at a distance from the site’s pedestrian trail. The project includes a new food service building, restrooms, and a new outdoor seating area either on the patio or within a beach setting. The new design calls for the site’s existing trails to be relocated and elevated near the water’s edge. The landscaping within the site will be improved with the planting of natural species, creating meadows, grasslands and pollinator fields. During construction, Wilkeson Pointe will have limited access to the public. The Wilkeson Pointe Improvement Project is scheduled to be completed in 2025.

Terminal B

The Terminal B renovation project is converting the existing 100,000 square foot enclosed structure into an open air event center. A feature of the project is a canopied stage that will be utilized for performances, non-for-profit events, and cultural organizations. The removal of the exterior walls provide an improved view of Lake Erie for the public. A sloped lawn with local habitat zones will also be established, creating a natural setting. Within the slope lawn is an overlook deck that is focused toward the water. Throughout the entire project site, the soil condition was improved following DEC regulations. Terminal B is scheduled to be complete in late 2023 and opened to the public in 2024.

Bell Slip Improvement Project

The Bell Slip Improvement project brings much requested amenities to the Buffalo Outer Harbor. This includes a public restroom building and an additional parking lot at a central location. A shaded seating area will be along the one side of the restroom building, facing Bell Slip. This project will also allow the public to get closer to the waters edge with the construction of an overlook deck at Bell Slip. Pedestrian and Bike paths will be slightly modified to provide a connection to Fuhrmann Boulevard. The Bell Slip Improvement project is schedule to be complete and opened to the public in 2024.